Sunday 25 July 2010

Passionate porridge

When there is nothing left in the fridge or cupboard, I always hope there's at least a little milk to go with a handful of oats from a jar, to make some nutritious porridge for breakfast. I can completely understand anyone who says this does not look appetising... however, it does taste good and is also incredibly good for your insides.

Here is porridge topped with random ingredients found from around the kitchen and garden - freshly picked gooseberries, pumpkin seeds, passion fruit, dried cranberries and a sprinkle of mixed spice. This may be too much for most people, but I very much enjoyed consuming this gym fuel before my workout.

Ordinarily, I would accompany my porridge with some chopped banana, sliced brazil nuts, mixed spice and a drizzle of honey, but unfortunately, most of those ingredients were lacking in the kitchen, so I went for the other random collection instead!


  1. Your porridge looks fit for royalty, and so healthy too!

  2. I love porridge. When I'm really hungry and in need of a quick chocolate fix, I make porridge and melt some good daak chocolate in it - yum!


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