Wednesday 22 September 2010

Froot Loops

Never have I ever had to spit out any piece of food, until I met fruit loops. I first came across these "multicoloured cheerios" (or should I write multicolored now I'm in America?!) in the hotel on my first morning in California and they certainly did not appeal to me.

I have now moved into The Lexington, Davis and am overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of these apartments and the people involved in my new life here. One evening during my first week at The Lex, my two new roomies and I enjoyed a midnight munch after a dip in the hot tub... oh it's a hard life out here!

Fruit Loops were amongst our collection of goodies. I had to try them as I am very passionate about trying everything when it comes to food. The result was not pleasant. I was pretty disgusted by these almost-luminous rings of E numbers and couldn't physically swallow them. I have never tasted anything more artificial in my life. Yuck!


  1. Try cinnimon toasts! the only cerial i eat in USA!

  2. FINALLY, after almost 21 years, there is something you WILL NOT eat. :-)


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