Monday 11 October 2010

Bacon + Chocolate

Bacon chocolate?! It sounded almost as strange as the Chocolate Curry. I am in love with bacon and maple syrup, as well as salted chocolate. I also really enjoyed the bacon and egg ice cream at The Fat Duck. I simply had to try this.

I found the exotic candy bar in the Co-op in downtown Davis, California. It comes with a rather hefty price tag of $6.75 for 85g, but it is in the name of research!

The smokey applewood aroma is revealed as the chocolate is unwrapped. Once a chunk melts on the tongue, crunchy pieces of bacon are unclothed from the decadent dark chocolate that surrounds them. This works, but I wanted more. So I had a little experiment myself.

I decided to create some chocolate bacon, instead of bacon chocolate...

I cooked some Applewood smoked bacon (to imitate the aromas from Mo's Dark Bacon Bar, and also because it was one of the cheapest packs in the supermarket!) and drizzled over some Green and Blacks dark chocolate followed by a sprinkle of finger-crushed walnuts.

Tasty? Tremendously! Fat free? Of course! ;-)

P.S. Did I mention the bacon was microwaved? Yes, it actually does work and produce normal bacon that browns and goes crispy, rather surprising! It's a very convenient and healthy way of cooking bacon - I cook it on kitchen towel to absorb the excess fat!


  1. How clever, was it reminiscent of the chocolate bar? Perhaps you can recreate it for me sometime...

  2. I had chocolate with mustard in it recently, oddly it really worked!

  3. I know it's meant to be the latest thing along with chocolate marmite, but I really can't quite get my head around it. Being a vegetarian I couldn't try the bacon, but I guess I should try the marmite .... just in case!

  4. The Cake Crusader - That sounds amazing! Was it in a chocolate bar or in a dish? I have tried chocolate with wasabi (in a cheesecake) but never mustard, I must try it soon!

    Choclette - My friend showed me a photo of the marmite chocolate literally a couple of days ago. I think the bacon really works but I just can't imagine it with the marmite?! Please let me know what you think if you try it! I hope to find it when I'm back in the UK for Christmas.

  5. What an interesting combination. I love bacon and chocolate so I am sure I would love this.

  6. oh man, that looks good. can you send my way!

  7. I remember hearing about that chocolate and bacon bar a while back and really wanted to try it but couldn't find any, I never thought about making it myself.

    Even though it's a strange combination I can imagine that it works, actually I bet it's delicious, I really should try it!


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