Wednesday 20 July 2011

The Last Brunch of San Francisco

Firstly, I would like to apologise to my readers for neglecting my blog during the past few weeks! I have now completed my Study Abroad Year in California and have returned to England. I spent my last 30 days in California travelling around the West Coast and barely found time to sleep, let alone blog! So, please forgive me.

San Francisco is famous for its brunches and after having eaten brunch in various locations around San Francisco, I can conclude that my favourite place to have brunch in San Francisco is - yes, you've guessed it - Butterfly!

Every waiter/waitress must hate me. My love of all types of food gives me terrible difficulty in deciding which dish to order. Butterfly is, possibly, the worst victim of mine due to the fact that I find everything on their menu incredibly delicious.

Poached Eggs with Kalua Pig

I finally settled for a brunch dish that included the English Muffin and poached eggs. I ordered the Poached Eggs with Kalua Pig instead of the Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon that I have ordered numerous times in the past. In a hurry to decide, I asked the waiter what Kalua Pig actually was. I had thought that it may have been similar to Canadian Bacon, but when the waiter replied "No, Miss, it's actually a type of slow-cooked shredded pork" I said "I'll have that then, please!"

Half-way through eating the Poached Eggs with Kalua Pig

What a fantastic decision that turned out to be. It was an absolutely stunning Benedict, my favourite so far! The tender and salty pork was drenched in hollandaise and the poached eggs were, as always, cooked with a runny yolk that oozed over the pork and added yet more richness to the creamy hollandaise. I was dreaming throughout the entire time that I was devouring this dish. The chunky chips (sorry, fries, in America) were crisp on the outside and perfect for mopping up those delicious salty and meaty residues. I then enjoyed refreshing my mouth with the mixed fruit bowl.

Kumquat Margarita

I accompanied my meal with a kumquat margarita (I have been obsessed with tequila ever since I visited Mexico last March) which complemented the richness and slight stodginess of the Poached Eggs with Kalua Pig. If only I could repeat the experience of this absolute dream of a meal every weekend!


  1. That sounds like a great brunch place. It looks like you made the most of your time in US

  2. Brunch is lovely, especially when it's well done like yours was.
    You must be missing California, the weather, food and making new discoveries.
    It has been a joy reading your postings, looking at the excellent photographs, and they have been very informative too.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your time out there, bet you were wishing you hadn't come back with the awful weather we are having. And thank you for sharing your culinary exploits while you were there!

  4. Welcome home
    Your brunch looks fab

  5. What a perfect brunch dish. Last summer I did the west coast trip with my Germany family. It was an adventure for sure.

  6. What an incredible looking brunch!!

  7. What a way to end a journey and start something new. We wish you the best back home and I hope that your blog will give us insights into what and where to eat in Britian. I use to get across the pond quite on business but now only for pleasure.

  8. It looks and sounds wonderful! A scrumptious dish.




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