Friday 14 October 2011

The Last of Spain

Cactus decoration on the tables of Cafe Flamingo in Barcelona

Eeek! Yet another month has slipped by without my posting here. I can only apologise once again. Readers, I am so sorry! I have now returned to Leeds for my final year of university and time is flying.

The infamous Sagrada Familia

After four weeks of Spanish school in Barcelona, I left the city for a nearby town, Granollers, to visit my other Spanish friend whom I met in California. I then went back to Barcelona for a final few days of summer sunshine before returning to England.

Coconut and pistachio ice cream

As I promised (although a little late), I have some photos of edible treats that I sampled outside of the host family home during my time in Barcelona.

One of my favourite foodie places in Barcelona is La Boqueria, the famous food market just off of Las Ramblas. Not only is it a total indulgence for the eyes, but the market sells meat sticks for only 1 euro each! My friends were a little worried about my over-excitement with the 1 euro meat sticks, but I honestly think that they are one of the greatest finds in Barcelona. Bite-sized portions of 6 different types of meat. Perfect for a decision-struggler, such as myself. I think my excitement for these lasted for hours, they truly made my day!

The incredible 1 Euro meat sticks from La Boqueria

Marzipan friends at La Boqueria

Hanging display of chillis at La Boqueria

One bar called Cafe Flamingo's, near Las Ramblas, was discovered by one of my 'roomies' which we visited on several occasions. They served a beautiful range of free tapas with cocktails from 7-10pm. The tapas included a variety of bruschetta, sandwiches, olives, nuts and pretzel snacks. Everything was so simple yet so delicious! I found their impressive selection of bruschetta toppings to be a great inspiration for any dinner party that I may host in the future.

Caprioska cocktail at Cafe Flamingo's

Delicious free tapas with cocktails at Cafe Flamingo's

A couple next to La Fuente Mágica [The Magic Fountains]

Despite the hot and humid weather, my taste buds were crying out for a sample of chocolate caliente con churros [hot chocolate with churros], as I had walked past so many places that advertised this irresistible treat. It was a hot September afternoon when I finally got around to sampling it and, as much as I enjoyed it, I was perspiring during the entirety of it. Nonetheless, the rich, almost-custard-like hot chocolate was really something to experience. The churros were not soft or sweet, contrary to what I had anticipated. I was expecting a doughnut-like texture but they were quite hard and crunchy. I did enjoy these, but next time I would definitely eat them in winter rather than summer!

Chocolate caliente con churros

I have been experimenting in the kitchen over the past few days and hope to post about it soon. Sorry, again, for my lack of commitment to this blog. I really hope to get back into the habit of frequent posting! Thank you, again, for your kind patience.

A palm tree between the side streets of Barcelona

Flaming shots from the bar El Gato Negro

Montserrat mountain top monastery


  1. It all looks great - those churros would be most welcome right now! But I think my favourite is those marzipan fruits - such expression on their little faces!

  2. I am with CC I too love the marzipan fruits they look so cheeky!
    Everything looks fabulous, and how romantic for the couple standing next to the Magic Fountains.
    Looking forward to your next posting.

  3. Great photos - love the palm tree one and the one of the couple... so beautiful!

  4. Those marzipan fruits definitely made me happy! Great round up of Beautiful Barcelona.

  5. You have certainly warmed my heart even moreso to Barcelona, I do hope to got there one day. I also have to say those marzipan characters are sweet!

  6. What an incredible food journey!

  7. Once again, thanks for sharing! I'd love to have a taste of those churros and tapas.



  8. wooooo barecelonaaaaa!!

  9. I love that market in Barcelona, could spend a few days there.
    Lovely photos as always, good luck with your final year at uni.

  10. I meant to ask if that is a liqueur in the oranges and then they set it alight?

  11. Thank you again! I'm not entirely sure. They set almost everything alight and seemed to be spraying something to cause the flames. Perhaps they were just spraying alcohol everywhere. It was quite a crazy bar!


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