Sunday 9 May 2010

"Chocolate curry?!" "Yes - chocolate curry!"

Akmal's Tandoori Bistro is a fantastic student-friendly curry house, located on Hyde Park (AKA Woodhouse Moor Park) in Leeds. It can be easily recognised at night by its beaming blue lights.

Every time I have been to Akmal's I have ordered the 'Chocolate Delight' (with one exception that I deeply regret as it's actually the best curry on the menu!).

Every person I have told about the chocolate curry has been bewildered by the combination, chocolate and curry, together?!

The only way I can describe it is that it has a similar consistency and creaminess to a korma, yet has the added warmth of subtle spices and the distinctive flavour of chocolate. On first taste, it has the unexpected power to blow your mind. The exhilarating aromas and familiar chocolate flavour literally lift your senses and heighten your ambience.

The curry is made with chicken and comes with your choice of Tandoori naan or rice. I always choose the peshwari naan (contains coconut, sultanas and sometimes almonds) for ultimate indulgence.

Every person I know who has tried the curry has admitted that, surprisingly, it's absolutely stunning.

If you haven't tried it - get to Akmal's now! Nom nom nom!


  1. Yum yum says my tum, so can we make a date?

  2. I definately want to try this! xxxx

  3. Sounds strange but also interesting, will definitely give it a try if I have the opportunity

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