Tuesday 29 June 2010

Goat curry with rice and peas

For a while, my friend Ben had been on at me to make him a Caribbean goat curry with rice and peas. A day finally arrived when we were both free and Ben had sourced a kilogram of goat... so here's how it went!

I roughly followed a recipe that I found on the internet. We ground some spices that were available in the cupboard (cumin, black peppercorns, mixed spice and fresh thyme from the garden). We fried these spices with garlic, red chillis, some fresh tomatoes, onions and a little tomato purée.

I then added the goat and some boiling water and let it simmer for about an hour. While the goat simmered, I boiled some rice and kidney beans (when Jamaican's say 'rice and peas' they mean 'rice and beans') in coconut milk to make the rice and peas.

A final touch of a little sprinkle of thyme on top, and it was done! This is the first curry I have made from scratch (without a curry paste) and I was very pleased with the outcome. Time seemed to turn the photo above, of raw meat and chopped veg and spices, into an actual curry! The heat of the spice was just right, for me, anyway. The meat was a little tough, but essentially, it needed to be cooked for hours, if not days, to be tender and fall off the bone.

I hope you enjoyed it Ben, you carnivore!


  1. Not had a goat curry before, must put it on the list of things to make. Ben looked like he really enjoyed it!

  2. oh yes goat is for kings.


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