Friday 11 June 2010

Mocha chilli cupcakes

Chilli and chocolate has become an increasingly popular flavour combination. The main reason I enjoy chilli is because it's heat takes mouth sensations to that extra level. Texture and flavour are the most important aspects of a food to be considered on an organoleptic level, so if you have incredible flavours and textures, why not excel the mouth party where possible?!

Chilli and chocolate have been presented in both sweet and savoury dishes. There is your simple chilli chocolate, chilli and orange chocolate, chilli and chocolate mexican sauces and many more. Recipe books of today include many chocolate-containing dishes accompanied by meat, poultry, chicken and vegetables.

But chocolate, chilli and coffee? At first I thought the flavour combination may be a little too much, should I just stick to chilli and chocolate? Or maybe just stick to mocha? I did a little research and found minimal recipes containing the three proposed ingredients. I did, however, find a treat produced by Whittards which contained all three flavours - chilli chocolate coated coffee beans.

This was a relief as I thought perhaps the prospective trio had been attempted and proved unsuccessful. These coffee beans are awesome, and pack quite a punch with the chilli. So I decided to go ahead and make mocha chilli cupcakes...

The cupcakes themselves had more of a mocha taste with a sublte trace of chilli that emerged a few seconds after your first bite. The chilli chocolate coated coffee bean provided the stronger kick.


  1. piere from france.June 15, 2010


  2. I can honestly say they were DELISH, the icing made all the difference, thank you.

  3. NalishabelleJune 17, 2010

    I didn't get there in time to try an iced one but even without the topping these cakes were delicious! I loved the sponge itself, not too fluffy not too chewy. Perfect texture to match the unusual flavour. A big thumbs up from me - I will be expecting more!

  4. wow these look amazing xx

  5. Oooh, these look awesome, with my favourite flavours too! Great photos.

  6. That is an awesome combination! I adore chili.




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